Saturday, August 24, 2013


Sister Mary Mark Martinez, RSM
+August 24, 2013

I never went to any Mercy school, so my first encounter with Sister Mark was in 1980 when I was in the Father Dueñas Minor Seminary.  Every Tuesday, our Rector, Father Tony Perez, went to say Mass at the Oka Convent and we had to go along with him.  Well, we knew we were bound to have a good meal, too, because we stayed after Mass to have dinner with the sisters.

I had heard of Sister Mark before I saw her on those Tuesday evenings at the Convent; heard of her as the strong principal of the Academy.  So I was a bit intimidated by a person with such a reputation.

But she showed a different side of herself when she was with her sisters at the Convent.  She would get up on occasion and sing a funny song or tell a joke.  She made me laugh.

Years and years later, as a priest, we would say hello and maybe talk a little, but nothing lengthy.  But in the recent past, we had talked a lot more and that was when I bonded with her a bit more.

The Sister Mark I never knew.  The habit was simplified by the time I knew her.

She opened up to me and told me all kinds of stories.  But, more than that, she was very friendly with me, joking with me, taking an interest in my activities.  She was intelligent, witty, capable, lively, positive.  I never had an unpleasant second with her, and always, always, always good feelings and good experiences.

Teacher, principal, superior, formation director, historian.

A woman with a good head on her shoulders and a happy heart.

Rest in peace, my dear Sister Mark.

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  1. Sister Mary Mark embodied the spirit of Mercy in her words, her actions, her life, her heart. She was, and will continue to be a spark to light the life of our religious community. Her very presence bespoke her relationship with God, community, family and those that Mercy serves. She will continue to motivate us Sisters to be merciful, loving and persevering as we seek to serve those in need. Even though I did not see her often, I knew she was there, and that has given me hope and comfort. Now, she is interceding for us and all her loved ones. May God grant her eternal peace and grant us the comfort of her intercession.